Sergio is Battling stage 4 brain cancer.

Please consider making a donation to support his recovery.
In return, please feel free to download Sergio's music free of charge at

As some of you may know, our father Sergio Espinoza has been battling Brain Cancer (an aggressive glioblastoma) since January 2014 when he had to undergo brain surgery the day before his 50th birthday to remove a Stage 4 malignant tumor. Luckily, the surgery went better than expected and he was able to start the long and difficult process of receiving Chemotherapy and Radiation. Both treatments have not only caused physical and emotional suffering, but financial struggles as well. Due to the radiation being focused on a specific part of his brain, he has frequent seizures, causing him to be unable to be alone most of the day or to drive; the chemotherapy has also physically just left our father drained of any remaining energy.

Sergio's Strong love of Music and Family

As many of you may also know, our dad is a professional musician (his main instrument being the Peruvian flute) and he has been living off of music his whole life; this is how he supported our family and put food on the table even during our early years when we moved to the U.S. from Peru. His current conditions have not only left him unable to drive to and from shows, events, or workshops, but have also caused mobility impairment to the right side of his body. Our father's art has always been music and his love has always been his family and his Peruvian culture, so this has been quite a loss for him personally and for our family.


Our father has always been a dreamer and a fighter for what he believes in - from his humble beginnings in Lima, Peru, to traveling around Europe as a musician performer, to then starting completely new in a foreign country fighting to provide for his family. Our father has been that street performer you see in Faneuil Hall and Harvard Square, many times to provide, other times to just share his love of music. Our father finally turned his dreams into reality 15 years ago when he started his own company, InkasWasi Music and Dance of the Andes. He then opened up a Peruvian folkloric arts store in Rockport, MA a year ago. Due to his battle with Brain Cancer, we unfortunately had to close the doors to the art store, and currently, our father is unable to perform, which means that he is without any income. To make matters worse, our father is currently being asked to leave his apartment as the landlord wishes to bring in his own family to live there. We are currently looking at apartments for him to move into before the end of March.


Our father taught us a great deal about the importance of family, being grateful for what you have and to never take it for granted because there is always someone else who could use the blessings that you have. In times of need, our father has stepped up and provided support; he always used the phrase "Today for you, and tomorrow for me"; it's his way of saying that we all need each other's help from time to time, and this time, it is his turn to ask for help. Our family and friends have been very generous and supportive throughout the process of his recovery and we know that it would have been a lot harder to battle this without their emotional support as well as financial support.


Our father's first love has always been music; sharing his art with the world has been his career, passion and gift to others. Now more than ever, we feel the need to share this gift and ask for some help in return, as we relieve some financial burdens for our family and continue to help our dad through his battles. 

Through our father's career, he has produced 12 professional albums, and we would like to share his music and ask you to share his music with the world. His music will be available to download for free on his website In return, all we ask is that you enjoy our father life's work, and if you are able to, please make a donation that will go specifically to assisting him through the recovery and battle of fighting Stage 4 Brain Cancer. We know he has the strength to fight it, and we ask you to be on his team with your support, "Today for our father, tomorrow for you". 

Thank you very much your help and support!


Sergio M. and Claudia Espinoza